Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Adults with Children Clique

   I understand that I write a lot about parenthood, children activities or what I did with my boys. As a parent, your world starts to slowly revolve around your children. It's hard to fit in me-time or "play-dates" with people over 3 feet tall. There just isn't enough free days on the calendar and you want your rug rats to have the best childhood you can give them. I've noticed, too, that even when we do get a rare occasion to meet up with adults, all of us talk about our kids, their schooling, their ups and down, and their funnies.
     For instance, on Sunday we were invited to a birthday party for one of the hubby's co-workers boys. Their house is laid out so that all the kids were able to go downstairs and make as much noise as they wanted. The adults didn't have to yell over seven rambunctious young men (I think there were seven. I lost track). After the classic hello's, weather, and work chat the discussion lead to our children. They really are the most interesting things in our lives!
     I do not realize how much I miss having conversations that don't include screaming, farting or, "Mom, Mom, MOM, MOMMY!" in them until I get to spend a mere two hours talking to other parents. Other parents that have kids the same age as ours. Most of our friends have just started having babies at 30. We're a decade ahead and there is always a lull in conversations or missed phone calls because our activities are kid oriented. I do not know the first thing about weekends alone, spontaneous midnight trips or Chuck and Chuggin'. I recently read an article by Heather Flett on Rookie Moms.com about how you need mom friends. They are your safety zone when everything is upside down and inside out. You can have a melt down about dirty diapers, how expensive formula is or antidotes about teething problems. They will understand. They live it.
     Which brings me back to this past weekends party. Three women left alone (the men left for a drive to look at the lake) and what do we talk about? Homeschooling, A.D.D., boys destructive personalities, video game violence and nudity, guns promoting de-sensitivity and more! I had never met any of these women before and I fit right in because our kids united us. It takes a load off your shoulders to relate and to know that it is not just your house that is chaotic all the time. Or it is not just you that wants to pretend to go to the bathroom for three minutes of silence.
     I write about my boys because they have become my hobby. A stressful hobby some days. But I've learned to live with trying to do other things that I enjoy around them. 90% of the time I enjoy the things that make them kids. Who doesn't want to stay a child and play with action figures or dig holes in the ground just to dig holes in the ground? Or a spontaneous Nerf gun fight down the hallway? Or ice cream before dinner?  Or vacations petting dolphins, water parks and hands-on science museums?
     My conversations are full of my children because that is what is interesting right now. But I guess if you do not want to read about it all there is always the hide button, right? Ha.

     Do you have a scheduled adult night every so often to gain your sanity back? If not, what do you do instead? Are your days spinning around your children to the point you do not remember what your munchkin-less life looked like? Do you have adults friends with kids the same as yours? If you do not have a babe or two yet, have you thought about how life will be with kids?

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