Saturday, May 25, 2013

Favorite Children Books-Surprisingly No Dr. Seuss

     Our house is full of words. There is a shelf in every room with all kinds of books spilling over. We have pages coming out of our ears. I'm a total "reader" and am so reliefed that the boys are, too. Mr. 4 can't even read yet, but he always wants a story before bed or carries one outside to look at. We passed down a lot of the books that we bought, traded and found for Mr. 10 to his younger brother so most of them have a worn out, frayed at the binding look. Which is awesome.
     Dr. Seuss is a popular choice. There's always a hidden message in his books. Once you get past all the silly, tongue twister words. As the person who has to read the books aloud, you will need a degree in speaking in tongues. I think the worst is "Fox in Socks". I don't get it, nor do I enjoy stuttering and stammering like my mouth is full of glue.
     So when it's time for bed, or we're snuggly on the couch, I shy away from Seussville. I have my favorites which bring back fond memories of sick days in bed, car trips, or stories after a bad dream.

     Here are my top 8 children books that have earned all-star status on our shelves:

    1. Sleepy Dog by Harriet Ziefert
-Doggies and kisses. What more could you want?

    2. Froggy Goes to School by Jonathan London
-"Frrrooggyy" is yelled throughout the book, reminding me how I call to my children from the other room all the time.

     3. The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams
-Cute interactive book. The clothes of a scarecrow do a dance and chase an old lady to her house.

     4. Animal Strike at the Zoo by Karma Wilson
-Giving animals opinions. The zebra's paint themselves, the giraffes wear turtle necks and the elephants eat pecans!

     5. Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb by Al Perkins
-My FAVORITE. This was Mr. 10's first book that we read together. If you can wiggle your hand, you're set!

     6. Monster Munchies by Laura Numeroff
-Both the boys asked for this one repeatedly. Who doesn't want to be able to eat car tires or a bus? Great for working on numbers and it's easy to memorize.

     7. The Berenstain Bears Say Goodnight by Stan and Jan Berenstain
-My 2nd favorite. I grew up on The Berenstain Bears. This was a great way to wind before bed. A simple read.

     8. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle by Betty MacDonald
-Another book from my childhood. I bought this in hopes to teach Mr. 10. When he was seven we pretended to try to clean his room before the witch/dragon/made up creature would drag him to the dungeon if he wasn't done before time was up! It worked for awhile.

     Do you have a favorite book from your childhood that brings back memories of cold nights and warm blankets? Did you hide under your cover with a flashlight, staying up WAY past your bedtime in order to finish a cherished story? Do you have a volume to add to the list?

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Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard said...

I loved the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books when I was growing up, but couldn't get my daughter into them. She did enjoy the Berenstain Bears, though.

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