Monday, May 13, 2013

We Were Saying...Teacher Fired Over Bikini Photo

     Should there be some kind of unwritten moral code for people being exposed to children? Shouldn't that same moral code apply to every other position that deals with society? Where is the line between illegal and immoral? Aren't all adults supposed to promote moral success?

     Here's a snippet from the ladies of Chaos with a Curve:


I call BS! I saw more provocative and more exposed skin walking past 2 stores in the mall today. It isn't like she is handing out signed copies of the photos to the student body. I doubt highly that any of the students were.....


I'm still really torn on this. Teachers are the moral ground instructing our children. I think I'm leaning towards the school overacting. I'm tired of seeing every single moment of everyone else's lives in the news. That was an overkill and came off as.....

     Did the school over-react or was the principal saving himself the stress of dealing with parent grief?

photo credit: dtietze1 via photopin cc

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