Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wishing for the What If

     I really need a new book to read. A book full of dragons and elves or magic and fairy tale lands. Something that will give me a break from reality and take me to a new time, place and world. As a kid I often wondered why I couldn't just read everyday, all day (I often did). Summers were full of Hootie and the Blowfish and the entire Youth section of the library. As an adult, my husband and kids might get ornery if I ignored them for too long. They might starve if I didn't cook. Or survive on hotdogs and ice cream.
     I read everything from Little House on the Prairie to the Harry Potter series to Alice in Wonderland to Anne of Green Gables. I really don't buy books unless I really enjoy and want to reread them. My favorite re-read is the Clan of the Cave Bear series by Jean Auel. It is not as boring as it sounds.

     I have a fascination with early man. She writes about how cavemen traveled from place to place and evolved over time. It's described in story form with deep characters. I like the idea of surviving on your own;making food, shelter and creating a way into the world. I've often dreamed of the what if. What if we didn't have factories, cars and processed foods? What if the population wasn't over 6 billion and there was space enough to hunt for animals and the forest to take over again?
     Recently, I finished the Game of Thrones only to be let down because George Martin is not finished with the series. I looked up his record for finishing a book from stage 1 to print. Looks like I might be waiting 5 years! Plus, he's doing a HBO program with the book so it could be even longer. I do like that he stayed with plot and characters for the TV series. I like seeing his take on what the book looked liked. My imagination was sometimes different.
     I've read the Sword of the Truth series by Terry Goodkind many times. It's in the same fantasy genre, if you add wizards and magic. I was highly disappointed when the TV series came out. Except the 4 main characters and the overall main plot, everything was different. I was surprised they did that. It was produced and directed by people who know that Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings and more have benefited by just sticking to the original storyline.
     Before the Game of Thrones series, I read the extravagant 50 Shades of Grey (yes, I gave into all the hype). It's been long enough now since I finished any book that I can move on. Ever have that book hangover? Where you just completed a great book and now you don't want to let go? You dream about what the characters did after that last page and recreate scenes over and over. And you don't want to start anything new because it WON'T be as good. Could NEVER be as good. So I gave myself a break. Read the Game of Thrones. Now I am caught up on the TV series. I'm ready for something to spark my imagination.

"We should read to give our soul a chance to luxuriate."-Henry Miller
     Just as I'm looking for something to occupy my down time, I get a call from work to go in for the next four days. So any book I do find will have to wait. But it will still be waiting patiently for me with a hot cup of coffee (I don't drink coffee when I work) and a comfy couch. I might get lucky and silence may prevail, too (I'd be happy for 15 minutes).

     Any suggestions on an interesting book? What are you reading?

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